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How sustainability themes impact investing

Read the first edition of Trusted – where we lift the lid on the crucial role of sustainability in our investments.

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Portfolio Information

  • Top 10 Holdings

    A breakdown of the portfolio’s largest share holdings.

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  • News and insights

    The latest news and insights into the trust.

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  • Why invest?

    What does Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust offer you?

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  • Think: Global

    Our specialist team hand pick stocks with a focus on long-term growth drivers, offering investors access to a diversified portfolio of between 25 and 40 of the world’s leading companies.

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  • 6 reasons to invest

    Why you don’t have to compromise your investment goals and desire to invest in sustainable companies.

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Latest news and views

  • Sustainability Themes Image

    'Trusted' - How sustainability themes impact investing

    Global Portfolio Trust is managed by Martin Currie, an asset manager with a longstanding commitment to sustainable growth investing.

    Date published
    10 May 2021
  • CityWire AAA award

    Zehrid Osmani awarded highest AAA rating from Citywire

    We are delighted to announce that Martin Currie’s Zehrid Osmani has been awarded the highest AAA rating from CityWire. The rating measures individual fund manager performance across all the funds that a manager runsw

    Date published
    26 Apr 2021
  • Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust Annual Report 2021

    Positive annual results announced

    Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust has announced a positive set of results for the twelve-month period to 31 January 2021, navigating an extended period of pandemic, global lockdown and market volatility.

    Date published
    21 Apr 2021

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NAV per share is calculated cum- income. The historic yield reflects dividends declared for the previous financial year as a percentage of the mid-market share price, as at the date shown.

How to invest

It’s easy to invest in a way that suits you

A range of online platforms and fund supermarkets allow you to trade online, manage your portfolio and buy UK listed shares. These sites do not give you advice, they simply allow you to trade. Many of these sites also offer ‘wrapper’ products like ISAs and pension plans.

Investing carries a level of risk. To find out more about investment trusts and the specific risks associated with Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust, please go to the How to Invest pages.

  • Stock stories

    The inside story on the leading companies in our global portfolio and why they offer sustainable, long-term growth potential.

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