An introduction to Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

Going Global

  • If you’re looking for growth, I believe Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust offers you a real opportunity to increase your wealth over the long term
  • The world is now one global market place – so to find the best investment ideas it makes sense to look globally.
  • Going global means investors have access to the greatest possible opportunity set. It means the ability to find truly world-class companies from every region.
  • We believe Global Portfolio Trust gives you a well-diversified portfolio with exposure to a range of exciting international markets that may be difficult to replicate any other way. That’s why many financial planners use global investments as a ‘core’ holding within an investment portfolio.

Finding the best ideas

  • We’ve created a portfolio consisting of businesses we believe are leaders and innovators at the forefront of some multi-decade investment themes such as the rise of electric vehicles, growth of the emerging market middle class and the onset of artificial intelligence.
  • To find these top-quality investment opportunities, we draw on the experience and expertise of Martin Currie’s equity analysts.
  • We look for companies which are in control of their own destinies – those which have strong market positions, are financially sound and generate high levels of profitability.
  • Central to this approach is extensive company engagement and a focus on responsible investing – ESG – because we believe sustainable, well-managed companies make more successful long-term investments.

In it for the long term

  • In more than 20 years of investing, my belief has always been that to be a ‘proper investor’ is to be a long-term investor
  • Our goal is to give our shareholders consistent outperformance over the long term.
  • We believe that we can offer a smoother investment journey – better returns with less volatility than our global equity benchmark.
  • Also, Global Portfolio Trust has several shareholder-friendly policies, including a quarterly dividend. Because there is more to performance than a good risk/return profile.
  • So, this is what you can expect from Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust: It offers a well-diversified portfolio full of our best investment ideas, backed by the research and skills of our equity investment experts, with the aim of generating long-term growth for our shareholders.

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

  • A global approach to find the world’s best companies
  • Extensive research to identify the best investment ideas
  • Shareholder-friendly features

Important information

This information is issued and approved by Martin Currie Investment Management Limited (‘MCIM’). It does not constitute investment advice. Market and currency movements may cause the capital value of shares, and the income from them, to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

The opinions contained in this document are those of the named manager(s). They may not necessarily represent the views of other Martin Currie managers, strategies or funds.

The information contained has been compiled with considerable care to ensure its accuracy. However, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made to its accuracy or completeness. Martin Currie has procured any research or analysis contained in this document for its own use. It is provided to you only incidentally and any opinions expressed are subject to change without notice.

Risk warning – investors should also be aware of the following risk factors which may be applicable to the strategy. Investing in foreign markets introduces a risk where adverse movements in currency exchange rates could result in a decrease in the value of your investment.

Emerging markets or less developed countries may face more political, economic or structural challenges than developed countries. Accordingly, investment in emerging markets is generally characterised by higher levels of risk than investment in fully developed markets.

This strategy may hold a limited number of investments. If one of these investments falls in value this can have a greater impact on the portfolio’s value than if it held a larger number of investments. Smaller companies may be riskier and their shares may be less liquid than larger companies, meaning that their share price may be more volatile.

The strategy may invest in derivatives to obtain, increase or reduce exposure to underlying assets. The use of derivatives may restrict potential gains and may result in greater fluctuations of returns for the portfolio. Certain types of derivatives may become difficult to purchase or sell in such market conditions.

Income strategy charges are deducted from capital. Because of this, the level of income may be higher but the growth potential of the capital value of the investment may be reduced. The level of income is not guaranteed.

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