An introduction to Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust plc offers investors a core equity portfolio. It invests in global equities for long-term growth and is well diversified across around 50 individual holdings.

Three key benefits of the Trust: 

  1. By investing in a diversified selection of international companies, the trust can spread your risk, while giving you access to the potential gains from stockmarkets worldwide. 
  2. Your investments are in the hands of an experienced and high calibre portfolio managers, backed by a strong team of investment professionals. Martin Currie is a long-established, independent firm dedicated solely to fund management. 
  3. The trust has a zero discount policy. This allows any shareholder who wishes to sell their shares to do so at or very close to net asset value (less cost) whenever they wish.

Our investment philosophy

We focus on finding higher-quality businesses with favourable prospects, sound financials and the ability to generate healthy cashflow. Quality of management and standards of governance are key when assessing a company’s suitability for inclusion in our portfolios.

We view asset allocation as a source of risk, not a source of alpha, and we seek to use the majority of our risk budget on active stock positions where we expect to add the most value to the portfolio. Our portfolio construction aims to ensure that our high-conviction investment ideas are appropriately reflected in individual weightings while maintaining an effective degree of sector and country diversification and limited sensitivity to wider macro factors.

Investment process

The key elements of our process are:

  1. ownership and accountability within a well-resourced team
  2. a flexible, pragmatic approach - with no bias to value or growth companies
  3. we focus on four proven long-term drivers behind share price movements - quality, value, growth and change
  4. interaction of regional and global sector research and risk management