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Think: Sustainability - 6 reasons to invest

Why investing in sustainable companies makes sense.


Holder of highest Morningstar Sustainability Rating™

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust is the only trust in the AIC Global Sector to hold the highest possible Morningstar Sustainability Rating™. This recognises our commitment to mitigate the risks our investors face in the ESG space.

The trust is also in the top 2% of all the 6,747 products categorised by Morningstar as Global Equity Large Cap.*

These world-class ratings recognise the high standards and pioneering in-depth analysis undertaken as part of our stock selection process.


PRI rating (triple A+) for 4 years in a row

Martin Currie is a specialist investment management company and an industry leader in ESG and Stewardship issues.

We have been awarded the highest level PRI rating (triple A+) for four years in a row, placing us at the pinnacle of the asset management industry.

We are at the top 9% worldwide for the standards of active ownership – meaning the way ESG is embedded into our process is amongst the best in the world.

Source: Martin Currie annual Stewardship Report 2020


Low carbon footprint

The trust has been awarded a low carbon designation and accounts for a fraction of the emissions of the benchmark index (see chart)

An index tends to include companies based on their size so can include high polluters or companies judged to have a detrimental impact on society that you may not wish to support. Our active management approach is more selective.

Source: Martin Currie and MSCI as at 4 January 2021.


Over 50 ESG assessments on every company

We evaluate, measure and score over 50 individual criteria for every company that we research. This provides a consistent and systematic analysis across sectors and countries, and gives us an insight into a company’s ESG credentials.

Our depth of research is an integral part of our investment process - not lip-service or a bolt-on - and we choose not to target specific ESG outcomes. We are continually enhancing our assessments to reflect new issues to ensure our market leading approach continues to evolve.

ESG framework list


High-conviction, long-term investors

We analyse companies to identify long-term growth drivers and focus on sustainable value creation.

And we don’t dogmatically exclude sectors. Why? Because a brilliant, disruptive, company with an exciting and sustainable growth model may emerge in a space where we previously have not found value.

As active investors handpicking 25-40 companies for the portfolio, we can concentrate on businesses or sectors we believe offer the most sustainable growth over the long term.

Long-Term Themes


Social factors – rated best in sector

We are already rated the best in the sector for Social factors* but this is an area we have recently been focusing on - and is of major importance to our team.

We have introduced a second layer of 18 measures to underpin our analysis into Exploitation risk, which is one of our criteria. We spend time looking at issues relating to: labour rights, human rights, working conditions (accidents, fatalities, safety), age & gender exploitation.

Awards & ratings

  • Morningstar*
    Morningstar 5 Star ratings

  • Morningstar Sustainablity Rating™*
    Morningstar Sustainability Rating
    Low carbon

    ADVFN Best Global Capital Growth Trust Award 2020

  • AIC Award
    AIC Share Communications Award 2020

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