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Think: Global

Our specialist team hand pick stocks with a focus on long-term growth drivers, offering investors access to a diversified portfolio of between 25 and 40 of the world’s leading companies.

Think Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

  • 25-40 high conviction, sustainable growth stocks
  • Ready-made global equity portfolio
  • Access to leading global markets and sectors
  • 5-star rated by Morningstar*
  • World-class ESG credentials – best in AIC Global sector*

Zehrid Osmani, Portfolio Manager
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Why global equities?

Past Performance is not a guide to future returns.

Source: Martin Currie. Funds and index returns 31 July 2016 to 31 July 2021 for investment of £20,000. Based on Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust share price. 'Bank account' is the LIBOR GBP 3 Month. Typically, in a bank account your capital and any interest gained is secure and not at risk. 'UK equities' is FTSE All Share. 'Global equities' is MSCI ACWI TR.

Awards & ratings

  • Morningstar*
    Morningstar 5 Star ratings

  • Morningstar Sustainablity Rating™*
    Morningstar Sustainability Rating
    Low carbon

    ADVFN Best Global Capital Growth Trust Award 2020

  • AIC Award
    AIC Share Communications Award 2020

* © 2021 Morningstar. All Rights Reserved. The information contained herein: (1) is proprietary to Morningstar and/or its content providers; (2) may not be copied or distributed; and (3) is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information. Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Performance and going global

12-month performance

  To end Q1 2022 To end Q1 2021 To end Q1 2020 To end Q1 2019 To end Q1 2018
Share price 0.8%32.4% 3.8% 17.8%(0.7%)
NAV (0.9%)32.0% 3.5% 17.5%0.5%
Benchmark 12.4% 38.9% (5.7%)11.1%2.6%

Cumulative performance

  One month Three months Six months One year Three years Five years
Share price (4.0%)(7.3%)(24.1%)(16.3%)17.2% 42.7%
NAV (2.8%)(8.0%)(23.8%)(15.4%)20.0% 43.7%
Benchmark (0.3%)0.2%4.8%5.2% 40.5% 60.5%

As at 31 May 2022

Past performance is not a guide to future returns.

Source: Martin Currie. The NAV basis used is cum-income in £. Please note prior to July 2017 the NAV basis used was ex-income NAV in £. Ex-income NAVs exclude current-year income, while cum-income NAVs include current-year income. These figures do not include the cost of buying and selling shares in an investment trust. If these were included, performance figures would be reduced.
Prior to 1 February 2020 the Trust's  benchmark was the FTSE World index and the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) thereafter.

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GPT Portfolio

stock equity
unconstrained portfolio

GPT Dividends

Quarterly dividends
for regular income

GPT Team

investment team

The world is now one global market place – so to find the best investment ideas it makes sense to look globally. Going global means investors have access to the greatest possible opportunity set. It means the ability to find truly world-class companies from every region.

We believe Global Portfolio Trust gives you a well-diversified portfolio with exposure to a range of exciting international markets that may be difficult to replicate any other way. That’s why many financial planners use global investments as a ‘core’ holding within an investment portfolio.

We’ve created a portfolio consisting of businesses we believe are leaders and innovators at the forefront of some multi-decade investment themes such as the rise of electric vehicles, growth of the emerging market middle class and the onset of artificial intelligence.

To find these top-quality investment opportunities, we draw on the experience and expertise of Martin Currie’s equity analysts. We look for companies which are in control of their own destinies – those which have strong market positions, are financially sound and generate high levels of profitability.

Central to this approach is extensive company engagement and a focus on responsible investing – ESG – because we believe sustainable, well-managed companies make more successful long-term investments.

About the portfolio

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust aims to achieve long-term returns in excess of the total return from the MSCI All Country World index.

Key facts

Total assets £266.5m
Share price (p) 312.0
Net asset value per share (p) 314.7
Discount (premium) 0.9%
Historic net yield‡ 1.3%

Top 10 holdings

As at 31 May 2022

†Source: Martin Currie and FIS APT. Active share is a measure of the percentage difference between the portfolio holdings and the index constituents.
‡Source for historic yield: Martin Currie as at 31 May 2022. The historic yield reflects dividends declared for the previous financial year as a percentage of the mid-market share price, as at the date shown. Investors may be subject to tax on their dividends.
The NAV stated in our reporting is inclusive of current year revenue. All sources (unless indicated): Martin Currie as at 31 May 2022.
*The risk outlined at the end of this document relating to gearing is particularly relevant to this company but should be read in conjunction with all warnings and comments given.

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How to invest

It’s easy to invest in a way that suits you

A range of online platforms and fund supermarkets allow you to trade online, manage your portfolio and buy UK listed shares. These sites do not give you advice, they simply allow you to trade. Many of these sites also offer ‘wrapper’ products like ISAs and pension plans.

Investing carries a level of risk. To find out more about investment trusts and the specific risks associated with Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust, please go to the How to Invest pages.

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Market and currency movements may cause the capital value of shares, and the income from them, to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

The analysis of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors form an important part of the investment process and helps inform investment decisions. The strategy does not necessarily target particular sustainability outcomes.

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Shares in investment trusts are traded on a stock market and the share price will fluctuate in accordance with supply and demand and may not reflect the value of underlying net asset value of the shares. The majority of charges will be deducted from the capital of the company. This will constrain capital growth of the company in order to maintain the income streams.