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View [Volatility: beware the market noise] Market Volatility

Volatility: beware the market noise

Following stellar returns from global equities in 2017, the recent fall in markets has seen the return of short-term uncertainty. But has anything really changed?

Active Viewpoint 16 February 2018
View [Tom Walker: we’ll gear up if markets crash] Tom Walker Citywire Sep 2017 news

Tom Walker: we’ll gear up if markets crash

Citywire’s Gavin Lumsden interviews Portfolio Manager Tom Walker about the stockmarkets’ reaction to the North Korean situation, allocations to US companies and equity valuations in the low-interest rate environment.

Video 20 September 2017
View [One of the most consistent performers of the decade] GPT blog - consistent performance

One of the most consistent performers of the decade

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust was recently highlighted as one of the most consistently performing investment trusts over the last decade. The announcement was made by the industry trade body, the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) who undertook the analysis looking at outperformance and volatility.

News 31 July 2017
View [David Sheasby appointed to the PRI ESG Engagements Advisory Committee] David Sheasby

David Sheasby appointed to the PRI ESG Engagements Advisory Committee

David Sheasby, Head of Stewardship & ESG at Martin Currie, has been appointed to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) ESG Engagements Advisory Committee. Martin Currie’s extensive experience in engagement with investee companies, as well as the considerable work David has done in this area, prompted the PRI’s appointment.

19 April 2017
View [Martin Currie top rated for stewardship] Governance and sustainability annual report

Martin Currie top rated for stewardship

Our Governance and Sustainability Annual Report 2017 is your chance to understand the depth of our approach, as well as the prevalent issues, corporate engagement and significant achievements of the last 12 months.

5 April 2017
View [Post-Brexit investment] Scotsman Post Brexit News

Post-Brexit investment

The Scotsman’s annual Investment Conference supplement provides the experts’ views on where to invest in a post-Brexit world. Includes valuable insight from Tom Walker, Portfolio Manager.

4 April 2017
View [ Brexit - three major impacts for investors] Brexit

Brexit - three major impacts for investors

The results of the Brexit vote last year took many investors by surprise. As Britain’s decision to leave the EU becomes reality, we look at some key areas of impact.

News 8 March 2017
View [Tweet-tastic Trump: our reaction in 140 characters or less ] GPT-Trump-Tweetastic

Tweet-tastic Trump: our reaction in 140 characters or less

President Trump is a serial tweeter – so we’ve joined in. We provide our thoughts - in 140 characters or less, of course - on a post-inauguration period full of executive orders and ‘alternative facts’.

10 February 2017