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3 High-Margin Stocks With Strong Brands

In his second interview with Holly Black, Senior UK Editor at Morningstar, Zehrid Osmani, manager of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust, explains why he is looking to luxury for his three stock picks.

3 September 2019
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Why should I invest with you?

Holly Black, Senior UK Editor at Morningstar, meets Zehrid Osmani, manager of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust, who explains the megatrends that underpin his investing and why demographics, resources and even vanity are themes to invest in.

2 September 2019
View [Global Portfolio Trust update - June 2019] Zehrid Osmani - Trust update - June 2019

Global Portfolio Trust update - June 2019

Zehrid Osmani on his team’s analysis impacting the long-term megatrends. Plus, where is he looking for exposure in the luxury goods market.

Video 30 May 2019
View [Stewardship 2019 annual report] Stewardship drop

Stewardship 2019 annual report

Martin Currie has once again strengthened the depth and commitment of its stewardship activities during the past year. Importantly we have continued to be an active voice within the industry advocating for change towards a more sustainable investment environment.

1 April 2019
View [In the press] Mail on Sunday Fund in Focus

In the press

Mail on Sunday's Jeff Prestridge Fund Focus on Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

31 March 2019
View [Inside story - Assa Abloy] Zehrid Osmani on Assa Abloy

Inside story - Assa Abloy

Zehrid Osmani on Assa Abloy, the largest global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions

Video 5 March 2019