Tom Walker: we’ll gear up if markets crash

Citywire’s Gavin Lumsden interviews Portfolio Manager Tom Walker about the stockmarkets’ reaction to the North Korean situation, allocations to US companies and equity valuations in the low-interest rate environment.

20 September 2017

Tom Walker Citywire Sep 2017 news

Martin Currie Global Portfolio is unusual among investment trusts in not having used gearing - or borrowed money - to boost shareholder returns since the financial crisis.

However, if, for whatever reason, the eight-year bull market ends and there is a setback, he will be ready to add gearing and snap up bargains.

Walker, who is bullish on investment prospects, also discusses why over half of the £223 million trust's assets are in the US, widely regarded as the most expensive of developed markets.

Gavin Lumsden, Citywire Investment Trust Insider

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