Our corporate identity

New logo introduced

9 October 2019

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust has introduced a fresh, new corporate identity. The contemporary new look symbolises the Company’s global growth objective and highlights the evolution and modernisation of the investment approach under new Portfolio Manager, Zehrid Osmani.

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust

Encapsulating global growth

  • Growth
    Growth is expressed by the ‘growing’ leaves which is a contemporary twist on the original logo. The backlit nature of the leaves highlights the ‘enlightened’ nature of stockpicking and research and provides depth and a 3D, rounded view.

  • Global remit
    The leaves combine to form an open globe that conceptualises both the global mandate and the Portfolio Manager’s freedom to select best ideas but within a framework of Martin Currie’s investment philosophy.

  • Long-term investment horizon
    Time and long-termism are represented through the steady progression in size of the leaves.

  • ESG
    A material portion of the fundamental research work is focused on Governance and Sustainability and the colours chosen helps to embed those qualities in the corporate identity. Martin Currie’s approach to socially responsible investment which has been rewarded with the highest possible rating (A+) from the PRI across its three key criteria and a Tier 1 ranking from the UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC). Martin Currie has also been shortlisted for the International Corporate Governance Network Global Stewardship awards.

The new logo was introduced with the publication of the half-yearly accounts in September 2019.

The previous logo has evolved into a contemporary marque that conceptualises the global, long-term growth objective of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust.

The previous logo:

Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust