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Stock stories

The inside story on the leading companies in our global portfolio and why they offer sustainable, long-term growth potential.

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Inside Story: Hexagon

Portfolio Manager, Zehrid Osmani, provides insight into Hexagon, a leader in autonomous solutions.

Watch the full inside story on Hexagon

Atlas Copco

Inside Story: Atlas Copco

Portfolio Manager, Zehrid Osmani, provides an insight into Atlas Copco, a long-established global manufacturer of industrial tools and equipment.

Watch the full inside story on Atlas Copco


Inside Story: Masimo

Portfolio Manager, Zehrid Osmani, introduces Masimo, a leader in non-invasive patient monitoring hospital devices and technologies.

Watch the full inside story on Masimo


Inside Story: Moncler

The company generates one of the highest returns in the industry.

Watch the full inside story on Moncler

Stock stories - Ferrari

Inside Story: Ferrari

...this means the cars are actually sold out with a long waiting list before they even start producing them.

Watch the full inside story on Ferrari

Stock stories

Inside Story: Assa Abloy

You may not be familiar with the name but chances are you use one of their products every single day.

Watch the full inside story on Assa Abloy

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