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Kepler report - April 2022

The latest expert review of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust.

Read the updated analysis of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust by David Johnson, Investment Companies Analyst at Kepler Partners.

“…exposure to strong secular growth may make it an attractive long-term opportunity…”.

STS Edison interview

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This research note has been commissioned by Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust from Kepler Partners. The research note does not constitute independent research for the purpose of legal and regulatory requirements and is therefore not subject to the regulatory protections afforded to independent research. In particular, the research note is not subject to any prohibition on dealing and both Kepler Partners and Martin Currie/Franklin Templeton, and their respective staff, may have dealt in the securities discussed in the research note.

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Full details of the investment trust can be found at: Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust literature library.

The analysis of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors form an important part of the investment process and helps inform investment decisions. The investment strategy of the investment trust does not necessarily target particular sustainability outcomes.

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