Facts and figures

Objective: To achieve long-term capital growth in excess of the capital return of the FTSE World index.

Key figures

Benchmark FTSE World index
AIC Sector Global
Manager Zehrid Osmani
Launched 1999
Annual general meeting June
Interim dividend paid January, April, July, October
Ticker MNP
Reuters code MNP.L
Sedol number 537241
Shares in issue 83,489,513
Total assets £241.5m
Share price 289.2p
Net asset value per share 287.0p
Discount/(premium) 0.8%
Historic net yield * 1.5%
Investment management fee as at 1 Feb 2018
Ongoing charges at 31 July 2019*** 0.65%
Performance fee 12.5% of the outperformance of the benchmark above 1%. Capped at 1% of the NAV. The first performance review period is to 31 January 2020, with performance fee opportunity annual thereafter. More information on performance fee.

* Source for historic yield: Martin Currie. The historic yield reflects dividends declared for the previous financial year as a percentage of the mid-market share
price, as at the date shown. Investors may be subject to tax on their dividends.
** Percentage of NAV of the company per annum, calculated quarterly.
*** Ongoing charges have replaced the total expense ratio. They are calculated as a percentage of shareholders' funds using average net assets over the year. The ongoing charges figure has been calculated in line with the AIC's recommended methodology.
Figures as at 31 October 2019 unless otherwise stated.