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Company and Regulatory details

Martin Currie Investment Management Limited, Martin Currie Fund Management Limited and Martin Currie Inc are wholly owned subsidiaries of Martin Currie Limited and are authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority:

  • Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd – FCA No. 119289
  • Martin Currie Fund Management Limited – FCA No. 119358
  • Martin Currie Inc – FCA No. 122023

Martin Currie Inc and Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd are both registered as Investment Advisers with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States of America.

If you would like further information on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), our regulator, you can access their website.

If you would like further information on the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) you can access their website.


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Anti-money laundering

Martin Currie must adhere to anti-money laundering legislation. This requires us to carry out identity verification checks. If we cannot adequately verify your and/ or your client's identification in accordance with the relevant legislation, we reserve the right to refuse the investment. If the funds are invested prior to the identity checks being carried out, we will not release the proceeds until we receive adequate verification of your and/or your client's identity.

Listed below are some of the services/products provided by Martin Currie. It is your responsibility to find out about, and observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction in connection with any of the below products. If you or your client plans to buy shares, you must find out about the legal requirements/restrictions of doing so, and any applicable exchange control regulations and taxes in the respective countries of your or your client's citizenship, residence or domicile. You must also satisfy yourself as to their suitability having regard to your or your clients' financial circumstances. None of the products are offered for sale in any country in which such an offer is not permitted under that country's applicable law.

Legg Mason Funds ICVC

Legg Mason Funds ICVC is an umbrella company with variable capital registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Legg Mason Investment Funds Limited is the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) for Legg Mason Funds ICVC. Martin Currie Investment Management Limited is either the appointed investment manager or sub-investment manager for the following sub-funds of Legg Mason Funds ICVC:

  • Legg Mason IF Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Fund
  • Legg Mason IF Martin Currie Emerging Markets Fund
  • Legg Mason IF Martin Currie European Unconstrained Fund
  • Legg Mason IF Martin Currie Global Unconstrained Fund
  • Legg Mason IF Martin Currie US Unconstrained Fund

Legg Mason Global Funds

Legg Mason Global Funds plc is an umbrella fund with segregated liability between sub-funds registered in Ireland. It also qualifies as a UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) fund in the European Union. Martin Currie Investment Management Limited is either the appointed investment manager or sub-investment manager for the following sub-funds of Legg Mason Global Funds plc:

  • Legg Mason Martin Currie Asia Long-Term Unconstrained Fund
  • Legg Mason Martin Currie Asia Pacific ex Japan Real Income Fund
  • Legg Mason Martin Currie European Absolute Alpha Fund
  • Legg Mason Martin Currie European Unconstrained Fund
  • Legg Mason Martin Currie Global Emerging Markets Fund
  • Legg Mason Martin Currie Global Long-Term Unconstrained Fund


Our communications with you, whether by telephone or otherwise, may be recorded for your protection and for our regulatory compliance.

Risk factors

Risk warnings
Investors should also be aware of the following risk factors which may be applicable to an investment in a Martin Currie strategy or product:

Past performance
Past performance is not a guide to future returns. It is strongly recommended that you seek independent advice before entering into any financial transaction.

Market movements
Market and currency movements may cause the capital value of shares, and the income from them, to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

Foreign markets risk
Investing in foreign markets introduces a risk where adverse movements in currency exchange rates could result in a decrease in the value of your investment.

Emerging markets risk
Emerging markets or less developed countries may face more political, economic or structural challenges than developed countries. Accordingly, investment in emerging markets is generally characterised by higher levels of risk than investment in fully developed markets.

Limited number of investments
This strategy may hold a limited number of investments. If one of these investments falls in value this can have a greater impact on the portfolio’s value than if it held a larger number of investments.

Investment type
Smaller companies may be riskier and their shares may be less liquid than larger companies, meaning that their share price may be more volatile.

Use of derivatives
The strategy may invest in derivatives (LEPWs (Low Exercise Price Warrants), Index futures and FX forwards) to obtain, increase or reduce exposure to underlying assets. The use of derivatives may restrict potential gains and may result in greater fluctuations of returns for the portfolio. Certain types of derivatives may become difficult to purchase or sell in such market conditions.

Investment trusts
As shares in investment trusts are traded on a stock market, the share price will fluctuate in accordance with supply and demand and may not reflect the value of the underlying net asset value of the shares.

Depending on market conditions and market sentiment, the spread between purchase and sale price can be wide. As with all stock exchange investments the value of investment trust share purchases will immediately fall by the difference between the buying and selling prices, the bid-offer spread. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and is not guaranteed.

Investment trusts may borrow money in order to make further investments. This is known as 'gearing' and can enhance shareholder returns in rising markets but, conversely, can reduce them in falling markets.

The majority of charges will be deducted from the capital of the company. This will constrain capital growth of the company in order to maintain the income streams.

Further risk warnings relating to the Legg Mason umbrella funds are set out in the prospectuses of Legg Mason Funds ICVC and Legg Mason Global Funds plc, which can be found on the Legg Mason website.