Board of directors

Investment companies have a board of directors whose duty it is to govern the company to secure the best possible return for shareholders within the framework set out in the company’s Articles of Association – in other words, to look after the interests of the investor.

Securities Trust of Scotland’s board of four experienced, independent, non-executive directors meet five times a year on a formal basis, and on an ad-hoc basis when required, to consider the company’s strategy and monitor the company’s performance. The directors are directly answerable to the shareholders.

The board also serves shareholders by ensuring that the interests of the manager are aligned as closely as possible with those of shareholders.

View [John Evans] John Evans

John Evans

Chairman of the board of directors

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View [Angus Gordon Lennox] Angus Gordon Lennox

Angus Gordon Lennox

Chairman of the marketing and communications committee

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View [Sarah Harvey] Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey

Non-executive director

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Mark Little

Chairman, audit committee

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