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View [Half-yearly results announced] Securities Trust of Scotland

Half-yearly results announced

Securities Trust of Scotland has announced positive results for the 12-month period ending 30 September 2019.

5 December 2019
View [What exactly is a "quality" investment?] WhatIsAQualityInvestmentAbstract1

What exactly is a "quality" investment?

As a professional investor, I’m often asked about the characteristics we look for in a ‘good’ company and how we seek to identify the long-term winners.

8 November 2019
View [Think income…think equities…think global] Think income…think equities…think global

Think income…think equities…think global

It’s been a tough decade for savers. Historically low (at times zero) interest rates and anaemic economic growth has challenged investors looking for a decent income.

1 November 2019
View [The hidden risk of 'home bias' investments] HomebiasAbstract

The hidden risk of 'home bias' investments

Investors in the UK have long been known to exhibit a strong “home bias” – that is, the tendency to invest more heavily in domestic assets than global ones.

24 October 2019
View [How to fund the pension pot] How to fund the pension pot

How to fund the pension pot

What do you do if you are about to enjoy 20 years in retirement but only have enough money for eight of these years? According to the stats, that’s the position of the ‘average’ person in the UK.

18 October 2019
View [ESG and investing sustainably] STSESG

ESG and investing sustainably

'Sustainable investing' means finding companies that have a genuinely long-term focus – both in terms of their financial operations, and in terms of their impact on wider stakeholders.

11 October 2019
View [5G – the revolution is here] 5G – the revolution is here

5G – the revolution is here

The sheer scale of change enabled by 5G means that almost every aspect of modern life will be touched in some way.

4 October 2019
View [Pharma: a healthy income stream] Pharma: a healthy income stream

Pharma: a healthy income stream

Pharmaceutical companies traditionally offer a rich vein of dividend income for investors and there are many exciting opportunities in the sector.

26 September 2019
View [John Evans appointed Chariman] John Evans

John Evans appointed Chariman

John Evans was formally appointed Chairman of Securities Trust of Scotland (STS) at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 17 September 2019.

Press release 17 September 2019