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View [COVID-19 business continuity] Corona virus business continuity

COVID-19 business continuity

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to provide you with an update on our business continuity planning and actions we have taken...

20 March 2020
View [How to keep cool in the current markets] STS Telegraph Keeping Cool Abstract

How to keep cool in the current markets

The impact of the coronavirus is undoubtedly globally significant and it’s incredibly unusual to have such an impactful shock on supply and demand at the same time.

20 March 2020
View [STS Mark Whitehead Edison TV] Mark Whitehead on Edison Interview

STS Mark Whitehead Edison TV

Mark Whitehead is interviewed by Edison Research on Securities Trust of Scotland what makes it stand out from the crowd.

7 February 2020
View [Mark Whitehead on Morningstar] Mark Whitehead on Morningstar

Mark Whitehead on Morningstar

Holly Black, Senior UK Editor at Morningstar, meets Mark Whitehead, manager of Securities Trust of Scotland, who gives his Outlook for 2020 and his top 3 global stock picks.

4 February 2020
View [Ask our managers] Trustemail400x225

Ask our managers

Elections, trade wars, Brexit… this is a tricky time for investors -- and we’re here to help. This is your chance to send a question directly to our most experienced investment trust portfolio managers, Zehrid Osmani and Mark Whitehead.

22 January 2020
View [Half-yearly results announced] Securities Trust of Scotland

Half-yearly results announced

Securities Trust of Scotland has announced positive results for the 12-month period ending 30 September 2019.

5 December 2019
View [What exactly is a "quality" investment?] WhatIsAQualityInvestmentAbstract1

What exactly is a "quality" investment?

As a professional investor, I’m often asked about the characteristics we look for in a ‘good’ company and how we seek to identify the long-term winners.

8 November 2019
View [Think income…think equities…think global] Think income…think equities…think global

Think income…think equities…think global

It’s been a tough decade for savers. Historically low (at times zero) interest rates and anaemic economic growth has challenged investors looking for a decent income.

1 November 2019
View [The hidden risk of 'home bias' investments] HomebiasAbstract

The hidden risk of 'home bias' investments

Investors in the UK have long been known to exhibit a strong “home bias” – that is, the tendency to invest more heavily in domestic assets than global ones.

24 October 2019