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View [Climate change - Identifying opportunity] IncomeClimateChangeAbstract

Climate change - Identifying opportunity

Within the next 30 years, global temperatures will be higher than human beings have ever experienced. Every investment decision now needs to account for the effects of climate-related change.

29 April 2019
View [Stewardship 2019 annual report] Stewardship drop

Stewardship 2019 annual report

Martin Currie has once again strengthened the depth and commitment of its stewardship activities during the past year. Importantly we have continued to be an active voice within the industry advocating for change towards a more sustainable investment environment.

1 April 2019
View [The Scotsman Investment Conference 2019 report] STSScotsmanabstract

The Scotsman Investment Conference 2019 report

Securities Trust of Scotland was proud to sponsor The Scotsman Investment Conference 2019. Read the full write-up that was published in the special event supplement.

12 March 2019
View [Investing in the wellness boom] Investing in the wellness boom

Investing in the wellness boom

If you’re looking to invest in growth industries, then the theme of health & wellness makes for a pretty good place to start. The ‘wellness’ industry is booming. Valued at US$4.2 trillion it is estimated to be growing at twice the rate of global economic growth. Within this, personal care is worth US$1.1 trillion, while healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss are valued at US$702 billion*.

9 March 2019
View [Mapping out the road to the future] A driving force

Mapping out the road to the future

It seems hard to believe, but many of us may already have bought our last petrol car. In fact, in the decades to come getting behind the steering wheel (if there even is one) is likely to be a very different experience.

2 March 2019
View [Edison: executive video interview] Edison report

Edison: executive video interview

Mark Whitehead is interviewed by Edison Research on Securities Trust of Scotland what makes it stand out from the crowd.

28 February 2019
View [Rise of the Centenarians] Rise of the Centenarians

Rise of the Centenarians

In the UK it is estimated that a male born in 2011 has a one in four chance of living for 100 years and an even greater chance if they are female – one in three.

23 February 2019
View [Taking care of the 3Ps] Taking care of the 3Ps

Taking care of the 3Ps

Short-termism has been a bad habit to shake, both for the markets and those companies trying to appease jittery shareholders. However, there is a growing understanding that, in order to thrive, businesses need to be managed with a much more holistic – and long-term – view.

14 February 2019
View [Bank stocks: a tale of two regions?] Bank stocks: a tale of two regions?

Bank stocks: a tale of two regions?

US banks have been an excellent place for income investors in recent years. By contrast, Europe has proved to be a less happy hunting ground. This could be about to change.

6 February 2019
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Come and see us

Be inspired! Come along and meet Mark at the following events where he will be presenting alongside leading industry experts.

5 February 2019