The Outlook for 2019

Our portfolio managers look at what 2019 has in store for investors, the Good, the Bad and the Surprising.

29 January 2019

Australia Outlook 

Asia Outlook 2019

Martin Currie Australia Chief Investment Officer Reece Birtles and Portfolio Manager Will Baylis discuss what this means for Australian equity investors in the year ahead.

Australia Outlook 2019

Global Emerging Markets Outlook 

GEMs Outlook 2019

Portfolio Managers Divya Mathur and Kim Catechis share their thoughts on Emerging Markets for the coming year.

Global Emerging Markets Outlook 2019

ESG Outlook 

ESG Outlook 2019

Head of ESG and Stewardship, David Sheasby, outlines the key ESG issues in 2019.

ESG Outlook 2019

European Long/Short Outlook 

European Long/Short outlook 2019

Michael Browne and Steve Frost discuss what investors can expect for European markets the year ahead.

European Long/Short Outlook 2019

Asia Outlook 

Asia Outlook 2019

Damian Taylor and Robert Campbell share their thoughts on the outlook for Asian equities in 2019.

Asia Outlook 2018

Long-Term Unconstrained Outlook

GLTU Outlook 2019

Zehrid Osmani gives his views on the outlook for global equity investing in 2019.

Global Long-Term Unconstrained Outlook 2019

Global Equity Income Outlook

Global Equity Income Outlook 2019

In conversation: Mark Whitehead and Laurie Lochtie discuss the outlook for global income investing in 2019.

Global Equity Income Outlook 2019