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Global Emerging Markets

High-conviction, stock focused emerging market portfolios.


As long-term investors, we use bottom-up, fundamental research to identify high quality emerging market companies with robust balance sheets and growth potential that we believe is attractive. Our process for identifying the very best investment opportunities in emerging markets is underpinned by our long-term investment philosophy and belief that companies exhibiting these characteristics are frequently undervalued by the market.

ESG factors are embedded in the investment process and engagement is viewed as an essential element of our analysis. Top-down factors are considered a source of risk, as such, a member of the team is dedicated to macro and political research. Investors can expect relative performance to be delivered on the strength of individual investments and not a particular market outcome.

Key Information

Portfolio characteristics UK Equity Income
Objective Long-Term Growth
Asset Class Listed Equities
Style All-cap core
Investable Universe Emerging Markets
Benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets Index
Market capitalisationAll-Cap
Sector/country allocationsAs a result of stock selection-managed within factor risk analysis
Security limitBenchmark +5%
Number of stocks 40-60
Portfolio turnover Low - expected turnover
Forecast tracking error Maximum of 8% per annum
Manager Inception  October 2010

Why invest in Global Emerging Markets


High-conviction stock-driven investing

We focus on company fundamentals rather than macro factors to create a highly differentiated, stock-driven portfolio with a focus on long-term outcomes.


Collaborative team culture

Our uniquely collaborative culture fosters challenge and debate, leading to deeper insights and better decision-making. All team members are responsible for research and portfolio management.

Investment team

Paul Sloane

Aimee Truesdale, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Alastair Reynolds

Alastair Reynolds, ASIP

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Andrew Mathewson

Andrew Mathewson, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Colin Dishington

Colin Dishington, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Divya Mathur

Divya Mathur, ASIP

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Paul Desoisa

Paul Desoisa, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Paul Sloane

Paul Sloane, ASIP

Job title
Portfolio Manager

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