Asia Pacific Real Income strategy

The Martin Currie Asia Pacific Real Income strategy seeks to provide a growing income stream by investing in a diversified portfolio of listed real asset securities (such as REITs, infrastructure and utilities) characterised by established physical assets with recurring cash flows from developed and emerging Asia Pacific ex Japan countries.

Martin Currie Australia is a leading innovator of active equity investment solutions, with over 35 years of history investing in Australian equities on behalf of both domestic and international clients.


Our approach is premised on the philosophy that high-quality listed Real Asset securities can sustain dividends, match rises in the cost of living and are likely to be less volatile than the wider equity market.  

We rely on our complementary fundamental and quantitative research, and our collective insights into the current investment landscape, to identify opportunities.


Unique strategy

  • Invests in a blend of listed REITs, infrastructure and utilities.
  • Brownfield assets with high recurring cash flows means less exposure to the business cycle.
  • Demand is typically driven by population growth which is in-turn re-enforced by control of supply.
  • Ability to raise prices over time provides protection against inflation.

Liquid and transparent alternative

  • Provides an alternative to more traditional standalone REIT, infrastructure or unlisted property strategies.
  • High liquidity and transparent pricing by investing only in exchange listed securities.

Growing income stream

  • Aims to deliver an attractive and growing income stream by investing in high quality Asia Pacific ex Japan real asset securities, with lower volatility than the share market.
  • Avoids costly derivatives strategies for income enhancements or capital protection to improve capital growth.

Income focussed portfolio construction

  • Benchmark unaware portfolio construction, with low concentration to avoid income shocks.
  • Diversification across economic sectors to hedge against inflation/cost of living.
  • Population driven growth avoids business cycle risk.

Deep resources and insights

  • Captures insights from Martin Currie’s long-serving investment team in Australia, UK and Singapore.

Forward looking insights drive security selection

  • Benefits from our collective insights into the current investment landscape.
  • Looks through the short-term market noise with a focus on the long-term normalised earnings power of companies.
  • ESG embedded into the investment process.
  • Powerful combination of four different investment lenses – quality, value, direction and sustainable dividend – provides a broad perspective of security expected returns.