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    Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust offers investors access to our flagship global growth strategy with unique benefits offered by the investment trust structure.

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Latest Insights and News

  • UK Monthly Macro
    June 2023

    In June’s monthly macro, Ben Russon reflects on some worrying UK data and what challenges lie ahead for forecasters.

    Date published
    8 Jun 2023
    UK Equity
  • UK Equities Changing the Narrative

    UK equities- shifting to a more positive narrative

    UK equities have fallen out of fashion in recent years—not helped by a slew of negative headlines. However, Martin Currie’s Ben Russon believes it is time to change the narrative to a more positive one, and shares the reasons for his optimism.

    Date published
    6 Jun 2023
    UK Equity
  • Moving Beyond ESG- Reaching for a more sustainable future

    Over the last decade, stewardship and sustainability have evolved rapidly, driven by a mixture of growing investor demand, increased sophistication to manage risk, improved reporting and enhanced regulation.

    Date published
    1 Jun 2023
    Stewardship & ESG