Japan Long/Short

By employing a flexible approach to investing, utilising a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis, our Japan long/short strategy seeks to deliver long-term outperformance with lower volatility and an element of capital preservation.

Strategy introduction

In today’s markets, investors are increasingly seeking greater stability in returns and lower volatility as well as a focus on capital preservation. Our Japan long/short strategy specifically aims to achieve these objectives.

Japan is an ideal market for such an investment approach. Primarily a manufacturing economy, its stock market can experience taller peaks and deeper troughs when compared to other markets. In addition, with over 3,500 listed companies, Japan offers a large and liquid opportunity set with a range of pricing inefficiencies for skilled investors to exploit.

Our Japan long/short strategy aims to take advantage of these opportunities by seeking to participate in the upside, as the market grows, while defending investor capital when markets turn negative.

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About Martin Currie Japan Long/Short strategy

About Japan Long/Short

We believe an equity long/short strategy, implemented by experienced investors with proven skills, provides the best way to exploit the cyclical nature of the Japanese economy.

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Martin Currie Japan Long/Short investment team

Investment team

Led by Paul Kirkby, we have a highly experienced Japan long/short team of three who together have over 100 years’ experience managing Japanese equities.

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Martin Currie Japoan Long/Short strategy

Key facts

By understanding the prevailing market conditions we can focus our stock-picking skills in areas where we have the highest conviction.

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