Key facts

The Martin Currie Australia Diversified Income strategy is specifically designed for retirees. It seeks to provide a growing income stream by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian equities, listed real assets (A-REITS, utilities, infrastructure), fixed Income and cash.

Our investment approach focuses on identifying superior expected income from equities, bonds and cash in order to provide an optimal asset allocation for retirees requiring sustainable income and growth over the medium to long term.

Portfolio characteristics Australia Diversified Income
Benchmark Composite benchmark:
• 30%: S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
• 30%: 50% S&P/ASX A-REIT 300 Index / 50% S&P/ASX Infrastructure Index
• 30%: Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index
• 10%: Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index
Performance objective The strategy aims to provide an after tax total return of CPI +4% and to provide income stream growth above inflation
The strategy also aims to provide a total return and annual income that is greater than that of the Composite Benchmark.
Investable universe • Australian equities
• Australian listed real assets (property, utilities, infrastructure securities)
• Australian fixed Income
• Cash
Tracking error N/A
Sector limits N/A
Number of securities N/A
Security limits N/A
Portfolio turnover N/A
Risk profile Medium
Inception 1 May 2014
Strategy insight Download Australia Diversified Income Insight

The characteristics shown are guidelines only and not hard limits.