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Regulatory information

This section contains the legal and regulatory restrictions which apply to any investment in our products referred to in this website.

14 March 2016

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About us

We are active equity specialists, crafting high-conviction portfolios for client-focused solutions.

06 December 2017

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Our investment strategies are specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs, with different vehicles tailored to meet their desired outcomes.

21 December 2017

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Australian contacts

Contact our Australian team for more information on Martin Currie and our investment strategies.

26 June 2018

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Client-focused solutions

Providing clients the outcomes they need

01 December 2017

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Greater China strategy

Greater China

Our Greater China strategy is a high conviction, stock focused portfolio that seeks to deliver long-term capital growth from the dynamic and diverse economies of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

12 June 2017

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Japan Alpha strategy

Japan Alpha

Our highly experienced Japan team utilises a combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis to build a high conviction, stock-driven portfolio that seeks to maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors.

15 June 2018

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Australia Small Companies strategy

Australia Small Companies

The Martin Currie Australian Small Companies strategy seeks to provide high returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of investments that range from early stage, high growth emerging businesses through to companies building a sustainable competitive advantage, industry disrupters and established businesses with turnaround potential.

21 June 2018

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Australia Core strategy

Australia Core Equity

The Martin Currie Australia Core Equity strategy seeks to provide consistently higher returns than the benchmark throughout market cycles, without the risk of style-biased strategies, by investing in a diversified portfolio of securities based on a deep understanding of each company’s valuation, direction and quality.

21 June 2018

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Australia Real Income strategy

Australia Real Income

The Martin Currie Australia Real Income strategy seeks to provide a growing income stream by investing in a diversified portfolio of listed Real Asset securities (such as A-REITs, infrastructure and utilities) characterised by established physical assets with recurring cash flows.

21 June 2018

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Asia Long-Term Unconstrained strategy

Asia Long-Term Unconstrained

The Martin Currie Asia Long-Term Unconstrained strategy seeks to capture Asian economic growth, through an unconstrained portfolio of 20-30 stocks held for the long-term.

01 August 2018