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Martin Currie Australia

Leading innovator of Australian Equity, Real Asset and Multi-Asset Strategies.

Martin Currie Australia strategies

Since our genesis in 1949 as Australia's first merchant bank, Australian United Corporation, Martin Currie Australia (MCA) has enjoyed a long history in active funds management.

Today, as part of the broader Martin Currie business, and as a Specialist Investment Manager (SIM) within Franklin Resources Inc., we have evolved into a A$6 billion* manager of Australian Equity, Listed Real Asset and Multi-Asset strategies

Our consistent investment philosophy and process is applied to an extensive range of investment products, and we  are keenly focused on building tailored investment options aligned to client needs.

Fundamental Insights for targeted client outcomes

Whether we are providing a sufficient retirement income stream, wealth accumulating portfolios with differing risk profiles, portfolios with client-specific exclusions or low carbon, we believe that flexibility is necessary to help our clients pursue their financial goals.

Stewardship is a critical element of our investment philosophy across all our strategies, and our Active Ownership approach, which includes ESG integration, engagement and voting, is embedded directly into our investment process.

See all MCA strategies here

  • Australia Value Equity

    Active value focus for long-term capital growth.

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  • Australia Sustainable Equity

    An active pathway to a Sustainable future.

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  • Australia Active Insights

    A fundamental, factor neutral equities solution.

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  • Australia Equity Income

    A ‘sufficient income for life’.

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Meet the investment team

Based in Melbourne and led by CIO Reece Birtles, MCA’s team of specialist investment analysts are solely focussed on using proprietary, bottom-up fundamental research to generate the best ideas for an extensive range of tailored investment options.

The MCA investment team fosters a passion for combining investment excellence,  innovative client focussed outcomes and a growth mindset. Each of our investment strategies benefits from this learning approach, the close collaboration of the well-resourced and experienced MCA investment team.






Listed Real Assets

  • Blending the best listed Real Asset opportunities across Infrastructure, Utilities and REITs.

    Martin Currie’s suite of Real Asset strategies are managed by a specialised listed Real Asset team within the broader MCA investment team.

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Latest Insights


  • Investment Capabilities Brochure

    An introduction to MCA, a leading innovator of Australian Equity and Real Asset and Multi-Assets strategies

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  • Active Ownership Brochure

    Our wider purpose of Investing to Improve Lives is embedded deeply into MCA investment decision making

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  • Stewardship Matters Magazine

    Active ownership is central to our approach a meaningful difference.

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  • MCA Voting Disclosure Report

    Quarterly Voting records for clients who have delegated voting authority to MCA.

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