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The Martin Currie Australia Active Insights strategy aims to transform pure fundamental insights into alpha. We aim to provide investors with consistently higher returns than the benchmark throughout market cycles.

Unlike ‘traditional’ quantitative-only funds that rely on backward-looking signals, the pure alpha that the strategy aims to deliver is fully aligned to Martin Currie Australia's fundamental expertise in Australian equities.

Our experienced investment team is solely focused on identifying investment opportunities using a disciplined and repeatable investment approach based on proprietary research into Valuation, Quality (including Sustainability), and Direction lenses.

Stewardship is a critical element of our investment philosophy, and this strategy benefits from our Active Ownership approach, which includes ESG integration, engagement, and voting.

We believe that unnecessary style risk can be removed through use of our proprietary alpha & risk signals in portfolio construction, so the delivery of returns is not driven by unintended systematic or common style factors. Investors are thus only paying for the delivery of a pure alpha rather than simply a smart beta return stream.

Furthermore, as portfolio alpha is less cyclical, it is likely to be suitable for investors with a shorter active risk investment time horizon, and is designed for the Your Super Your Future (YSYF) world of regular performance testing.

The consistent extraction of alpha, combined with strong proprietary risk control and experienced fundamental oversight, results in a highly diversified portfolio with a high information ratio.

With lower fees than traditional fundamental-only strategies, the strategy is designed to be used as a stand-alone strategy or fundamental complement to a diversified portfolio. It is suitable for use in more concentrated SMA portfolios and can also be readily customized to suit client needs for different tracking error levels and select factor exposures.

We believe that there are few peer strategies available in the market that address risk-adjusted returns in this way.

Key Information

Portfolio characteristics Australia Active Insights
Objective Long-Term Growth
Asset Class Equities
Style Core
Investable Universe Australian listed securities
Benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
Market capitalisation All cap
Country limit N/A
Sector limit Benchmark +/- 6%
Security limit Benchmark +/- 4%
Number of stocks Typically 60
Portfolio turnover Typically 40% p.a.
Forecast tracking error Typically 2% p.a. (ex-ante)
Inception  24 November 2021

  • "In an environment where lower fees, and greater transparency & accountability are being demanded by investors, there is a better choice for Australian equities than ‘traditional’ quantitative-only and passive funds."

Why Invest in Australia Active Insights

Consistently higher returns, without unnecessary factor or sector risk.

We have put the needs of accumulation clients at the heart of the product design for the Martin Currie Australia Active Insights strategy


Forward looking pure 'active insights'

Our Active Insights model is not a typical backwards looking risk model. This means that our portfolio is constructed based on the true reality for various factor risks, rather than relative to historical averages


Full benefit of in-house research and ESG capabilities

Unlike quantitative-only and passive funds, ESG research is integrated deeply into our multi-lensed fundamental research and our portfolio construction

Investment Team

The Active Insights strategy is co-managed by Matt Davison and Sam Li.

The strategy benefits from the close collaboration and deep industry expertise of wider Martin Currie Australia investment team and the broader Martin Currie global investment floor.

Matt Davison

Matthew Davison

Job title
Portfolio Manager

Sam Li, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager

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