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Martin Currie’s five-star PRI rating is an endorsement of their active stewardship approach

Martin Currie has been awarded the highest possible rating from the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), with a five-star rating across all categories relevant to its investment activities.

Martin Currie has been awarded the highest possible rating from the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), with a five-star rating across all categories relevant to its investment activities. The firm is delighted that their years of experience in integrating stewardship and active investment management has been recognised by the world’s largest global reporting project for responsible investment.

In 2022, Martin Currie achieved five stars across in the PRI’s modules, which includes the ‘Public Governance and Strategy,’ and ‘Confidence building measures’ modules that apply to all asset managers. It also received a five-star rating in the category of ‘Direct – Listed equity- Active Fundamental,’ which is specific to the equity asset class.

Signatories to the PRI since 2009, the international equity specialist employs an active approach to stewardship. This means the investment teams are directly responsible for stewardship and sustainability analysis, engagement and voting. Martin Currie’s philosophy to active stewardship is that investment decision-makers are best equipped to understand the risk and opportunities that arise from sustainability issues. Martin Currie’s investment teams employ engagement and proxy voting as powerful tools to bring about positive change at both the company and industry level. Additionally, Martin Currie’s commitment and approach to transparency and reporting these activities to clients has also contributed to their ratings from the PRI. Martin Currie was awarded the highest possible ratings of A+ from the PRI in the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 calendar years. In 2021, the firm was awarded two 5-star ratings and one 4-star rating reflecting the new and revised reporting framework.

Co-chair of Franklin Templeton’s Stewardship and Sustainability Council and Martin Currie’s Head of Stewardship and Sustainability, David Sheasby said, “This independent endorsement of Martin Currie’s approach to sustainability is a result of our collaborative investor-led model of stewardship and implementation of industry best practices.”

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