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Our Culture

Our people are at the heart of our business. It is why we are committed to being a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable company.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Martin Currie our purpose is Investing to Improve Lives. This means we are passionate about creating a supportive, diverse and inclusive working environment for our people.

We believe this helps creates the best conditions for optimal decision making, enabling us to achieve Outcomes Beyond Alpha. and improve the lives of all our stakeholders

The value of difference

Our people are at the heart of our business. Harnessing all of our life experiences, distinct capabilities and individual talents is key to our success. We value these differences, but know they require the right environment to flourish.

It is why we are committed to being a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable company – one where all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual identity, education, disability or other characteristics.

Changemakers and allies

We want our people to champion the principles of inclusion and acceptance every day, both in and out of their working lives. This means challenging the subtle prejudices of unconscious bias wherever they occur, in themselves and in others.

By doing this, we believe we can become changemakers and allies, both calling out embedded preconceptions and supporting those around us. It is about being open and honest, being aware of our differences and having the conversations that enable us to reflect and embrace them.

A firm commitment

We also know that sentiment needs action, that our beliefs should be enshrined in the framework of our organisation. We are committed to implementing policies and initiatives which will make a difference to the diversity of our company.

As a firm, we have committed to:

  • Creating a supportive and inclusive working environment for our people
  • Gender parity targets across the business and investment professionals
  • Annual publication of diversity outcomes regarding recruitment and gender representation
  • A direct link between gender parity targets and Executive remuneration

  • Investing to Improve lives - Through employee Diversity & Inclusion

    Our commitment is to being a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable company. Our Investing to Improve Lives brochure series showcases the evolution and priorities of our Diversity & Inclusion work and reports on our progress towards targets.

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Our Story

Investing to Improve Lives: Going Beyond High-Conviction Equities.


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