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David Sheasby

David Sheasby

Head of Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact

An enthusiastic hiker and chef David has over 35 experience years in the investment industry.  He leads the way as Head of Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact, passionately guiding and educating us on all aspects of Stewardship and Sustainability across the investment teams and the wider business. He is also co-chair of the Franklin Templeton Stewardship and Sustainability Council.

Prior to 2015, when David dedicated himself full-time to Stewardship and Sustainability, he was a portfolio manager in our global team with a focus on managing sustainability mandates. David joined Martin Currie from Aegon Asset Management (formerly Scottish Equitable), where he was a senior portfolio manager for 16 years covering global equities, developing and directing Aegon's global strategy. During his time with Aegon, David headed its global equity, emerging markets and European teams.

With a BSc in Mathematics from University of Edinburgh and as a holder of the Securities Institute Diploma David also enjoys spending time travelling with his husband and exploring new cultures.