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Generating consistent alpha: Focusing on fundamental ‘active insights’ over style factors

Low-cost, systematic products fuel the active/passive debate. Can a 'goldilocks' active portfolio be built? We believe consistent alpha with lower tracking error is possible by removing style factor cyclicality & focusing on deep fundamental insight.

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Date published
4 Jun 2024
Matthew Davison Portfolio Manager
Sam Li, CFA Portfolio Manager

A strategy for the evolving landscape

At Martin Currie Australia (MCA), we believe that true alpha is best derived from fundamental analyst insights. As such, our proprietary forward-looking research lenses and deep expertise drive the construction of all our actively portfolios.

The proliferation of low-cost, systematic Smart Beta products, based on style factors such as value or quality, have blurred the lines in the ‘passive vs. active’ debate. However, we fear that investors risk losing out on some or all of the benefits of fundamental insights. Limitations include the backwards looking nature of factors used, potential high turnover costs, that they are prone to missing turning points in the market, and that they can still underperform the market for significant periods of time.

The shift in investor taste has also exposed the fact that many active fundamental portfolios can be afflicted by the same style factors as Smart Beta. However, these approaches can also show high tracking error, and thus need longer time horizons. This is increasingly less aligned with the risk budget of asset owners facing strict performance benchmarks such as the Your Future, Your Super (YFYS) performance test.

We believe that a ‘goldilocks’ efficient portfolio of consistent alpha/lower tracking error can be achieved by reducing the impact of style factor cyclicality in the alpha stream of an active fundamental portfolio. To address these issues, we developed MCA Active Insights, a strategy that aims to deliver alpha from our investment team’s ‘pure’ fundamental insight whilst minimising such style factor and sector biases. We do this using a unique quantitative process.

With the influence of style factors substantially reduced, and a focus on deep fundamental insight and disciplined risk control, we believe that the MCA Active Insights strategy can:

  • reduce the reliance on systematic style factor biases and mean reversion;
  • focus the source of alpha on ‘pure’ fundamental insight;
  • embed ESG risk management and active ownership in a way that is difficult for passive, systematic or quantitative strategies to emulate;
  • provide investors with tailorable tracking error targets to meet tight risk budgets; and
  • ultimately provide a more persistent and efficient alpha stream at a lower cost.

Download the PDF

  • Learn more about our Active Insights strategy here, or contact a member of our sales team for more information.

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