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The Martin Currie Australia Dynamic Value strategy seeks to provide the opportunity for investors to benefit from the variances in the Value cycle, at the right time and with the right risk profile.

The strategy combines benefits of our fundamental ‘factor neutral’ Active Insights strategy and our Value Equity strategy in a single portfolio, dynamically allocating across styles based on the prevailing value opportunity.

By replacing a portion of an existing core and value allocation with Dynamic Value, we believe that investors can benefit from our collective insights into the nature of the current investment landscape. We aim to provide better risk-adjusted return when the opportunity is high, and consistent returns with lower risk when the opportunity is lower.

The strategy has been specifically designed to shift its level of exposure to the value style in a more transparent and cost-effective manner. This means that the cost or delay required to appoint or terminate managers may be avoided.

Key Information

To provide an after-fee return in excess of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation index over rolling three to five-year periods.

Portfolio characteristics Australia Dynamic Value
Objective Long-Term Growth
Asset Class Equities
Style Value
Investable Universe Australian listed securities
Benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
Market capitalisation All cap
Country limit N/A
Sector limit Benchmark +/- 12%
Security limit Benchmark +/- 7%
Number of stocks Typically 30-60
Portfolio turnover Typically 35% p.a.
Forecast tracking error Typically 3.5% p.a.
Inception  1 April 2013

  • "Our differentiated approach seeks to provide better risk-adjusted return when the value opportunity is high, and consistent returns with lower risk when the opportunity is lower."

Why Invest in Australia Dynamic Value


Timing of style cycles is difficult to predict

The strategy balances the risk of being under or overweight value for the appropriate market conditions or value opportunity


Time and cost to appoint or terminate managers

This strategy is transparent and cost-effective, benefiting from the removal of costs or delay required to appoint or terminate managers by style


Full benefit of MCA's proprietary fundamental and qualitative insights

The switching signals is based on more than 20 years of in-house experience in forward looking Valuation models

Investment Team

The Dynamic Value strategy is co-managed by Reece Birtles and Matthew Davison.

The strategy benefits from the close collaboration and deep industry expertise of wider Martin Currie Australia investment team and the broader Martin Currie global investment floor.

Reece Birtles

Reece Birtles, CFA

Job title
Chief Investment Officer, Australia
Matt Davison

Matthew Davison

Job title
Portfolio Manager


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