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Stewardship Matters – Edition 8: The power of Diversity and Inclusion in Investing

There is increasing evidence of a positive link between greater corporate focus on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and financial performance.

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Date published
20 Oct 2022
David Sheasby Head of Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact
John Gilmore, CFA Portfolio Manager, Impact Equities/ Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact Specialist
Eoghan McGrath Investment Analyst, Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact

Welcome to Edition 8 of the STEWARDSHIP MATTERS magazine, our regular review of Martin Currie’s work in the stewardship and ESG space, and our insight into future trends.

This quarter, we have specifically focused on the important topic of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), whether it be gender, cultural, generational, ethnic, socio-economic or any other diversity measure.

In this edition, we cover:

  • The increasing evidence of a positive link between greater corporate focus on D&I and financial performance;
  • The commitment Martin Currie has taken as a firm to becoming a truly diverse, inclusive, and equitable company, and the progress we are making towards our targets;
  • The current state of play when it comes to how companies and countries are tackling with improvements in D&I globally, and what good looks like;
  • Recent engagements undertaken by our investment teams where D&I and its impact on corporate culture and customers have been the key focus; and
  • The need for increased transparency across all diversity measures, and the role investors have in contributing to better outcomes in this space.

Read the full edition here

Supporting diverse talent in our industry is vital. Not only does a diverse workforce bring new ideas, perspectives and skills that help businesses thrive and be more resilient, it also helps our industry better reflect the investors, communities, and people we serve.

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