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Improving Society

Impact-focussed and actively managed strategy, investing in a concentrated, long-only, long-term portfolio of sustainable investments.


We believe that advancing fairness of social opportunity and narrowing the equality gap can help empower individuals and deliver greater levels of human equity. However, over recent years, we have observed a structural increase in inequality and a widening gap between the goals and delivery of key societal development objectives.

In addressing these issues, we believe the private sector will have a large part to play both as involved corporate citizens and in providing products and  to facilitate improvements in equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. Companies with products that truly make a difference in people’s lives have the opportunity to exploit long-term profit pools generated by true, ongoing societal need. Those that take their responsibility to society seriously and endeavor to treat employees, customers, and the community with respect and dignity may also find they have a competitive advantage over those who do not.

The Martin Currie Improving Society Strategy aims to take advantage of opportunities presented by investing in companies whose products and services positively impact fundamental human needs and create the conditions for advancements in equity. Active ownership is a fundamental tenet of the strategy with structured engagement on company-specific impact goals, sustainability issues and business topics at the heart of the investment process. The strategy leverages Martin Currie’s strong track record within Sustainability thought leadership and business integration and is well-aligned with our corporate purpose of ‘Investing to Improve Lives’.

Key Information

To invest in companies that contribute to human equity and improving lives.

Portfolio characteristics UK Equity Income
Objective Social Impact
Asset Class Equities
Style Impact
Investable universe Global
Market capitalisation All-cap 
Sector/country allocations As a result of stock selection-managed within factor risk analysis
Maximum sector allocation of 30%
Security limit Maximum 10% absolute stock weight 
Number of stocks 20-35
Portfolio turnover Low- expected turnover
Inception  2023

Why invest in the Improving Society strategy

We believe in supporting companies delivering the most meaningful positive impact on society. Seeking those that narrow the equality gap and make a real, measurable difference.

Impact-led approach

Impact-led approach

Supporting those companies delivering impact at scale and actively engaging with companies to accelerate delivery of these ambitions.

Positive impact

Positive Impact

Contribution to the UN SDGs across three key pillars of Improving Wellbeing, Improving Inclusion, and Supporting a Just Transition.

The three impact pillars consist of SDG targets mapped using Martin Currie’s proprietary SDG Target Taxonomy.

Underappreciated opportunities

Underappreciated opportunities

Companies with products generating true positive social impact could potentially generate more attractive returns due to stronger competitive positions or greater demand.

Investment team

Lauran Halpin

Job title
Head of Impact Equities
John Gilmore

John Gilmore, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager, Impact Equities/ Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact Specialist
Eoghan McGrath

Eoghan McGrath

Job title
Investment Analyst, Stewardship, Sustainability and Impact

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