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The Martin Currie Australia Diversified Growth strategy is designed as a 70% growth asset / 30% defensive asset allocation option with the aim  to produce superior medium-term returns.

We have put Australian accumulation clients at the heart of product design for the Martin Currie Australia Diversified Growth strategy.

We have found that typical balanced fund’s high allocations to global equities and global fixed income are not tax effective for Australian superannuation and pension investors. Furthermore, passive approaches to asset allocation are ineffective as they do not consider factor risk exposures and current investment landscape.

The Diversified Growth strategy benefits from Martin Currie Australia's 40+ year pedigree in active asset allocation for balanced funds, and gathers the investment capabilities of dedicated, experienced investment managers and strategies into one portfolio.

Combining a strong mix of fundamental research skills, quantitative analysis experience and market expertise, the strategy seeks to optimally allocate assets across a range of Australian and global equity, real asset, fixed income and cash strategies based on the most attractive expected returns.

The systematic portfolio construction model using unit trusts allows the strategy to quickly take advantage of market mispricings and capture outperformance in a cost-effective manner.

Key Information

To provide an after-fee return in excess of the Composite Benchmark over rolling three-year periods.

Portfolio characteristics Australia Diversified Growth
Objective Long-Term Growth
Asset Class Multi-asset
Style Value
Investable Universe Australian and global listed equities
Australian and global listed real assets
Australian and global fixed income
Benchmark Composite Benchmark*
Inception  1 May 1974


  • 35%: S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
  • 23%: MSCI All Country (ex Australia) World Index
  • 13%: 50% S&P/ASX A-REIT 300 Index /50% S&P/ASX Infrastructure Index
  • 12%: Bloomberg AusBond Composite Bond Index
  • 12%: Barclays Capital Global Aggregate Index, hedged into Australian Dollars
  • 5%: Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index

  • "We continually assesses the expected returns of a range of specialist assets classes using forward looking internal rates of return and scenario testing, and optimally position the portfolio to capture outperformance."

Why Invest in Australia Diversified Growth


Tax-efficient asset allocation

High allocations to global equities and global fixed income are not tax effective for Australian superannuation and pension investors


Active risk management

Passive approach to asset allocation does not consider factor risk exposures and current investment landscape


Manager selection to maximise alpha

Cost-effective access to dedicated, experienced investment managers for each asset class

Investment Team

The Diversified Growth strategy is co-managed by Reece Birtles and Will Baylis

The strategy benefits from the close collaboration and deep industry expertise of wider Martin Currie Australia investment team and the broader Martin Currie global investment floor.

Reece Birtles

Reece Birtles, CFA

Job title
Chief Investment Officer, Australia
Will Baylis

Will Baylis

Job title
Portfolio Manager

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