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Reiko Mito

Head of Japan Strategy and Research

Reiko is our Head of Japan Strategy and Research with a vibrant spirit that mirrors the ever-evolving landscape of corporate Japan. For the past 23 years, Reiko has been at the forefront of the Japanese market, finding joy in the steady transformation within the business world in Japan.

Prior to joining Martin Currie in 2022, Reiko was at GAM Investments where she was Investment Director and co-manager of the Japan Equity and GAM Star Japan Leaders Fund. Prior to joining GAM Investments in November 2011, she worked as a senior equity analyst at Atlantic Investment Management in Tokyo for five years. Previously, she was an analyst/portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in Tokyo for six years.

Fuelled by her passion for exploring the dynamic shifts in the corporate world, Reiko is a frequent traveller to Japan, where she not only conducts insightful company visits but takes the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. She has witnessed a surprising influx of tourists in some of the more rural villages, a testament to Japan's increasing global allure.

Reiko is a camping enthusiast. Armed with a camper van and a zest for nature, she and her partner have embarked on journeys across France. Their escapades evolved from weekend getaways to epic road trips covering thousands of kilometres, whether venturing north to the Nordics or southward with the ultimate destination being the southern edge of Europe.