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Lauran Halpin

Head of Impact Equities

Lauran has long been passionate, both in her role as an investor and in private life, in sustainability, social issues, and making an impact in her community.

Lauran joined Martin Currie in 2022 as Head of Impact Equities, leading a newly established investment capability for the business bringing together all her experience and passion for sustainability and impact. Before joining Martin Currie, Lauran was a member of the portfolio construction group managing ESG-related products at Franklin Templeton Global Equity Group including the Templeton Global Climate Change Fund.

Lauran has nearly 20 years of investment experience beginning her career in 2007 at Baillie Gifford where she was Global Healthcare Analyst and managed the Glenfinlas Global Healthcare Fund. Lauran continued her research of the Global Healthcare sector when she joined Edinburgh Partners as an Investment Manager in 2013 and also co-managed a number of EAFE accounts.

With an M.Sc. in Ecological Economics from University of Edinburgh (2005) and a Biology from Davidson College (2003), Lauran spends her spare time enjoying outdoor life in the Highlands with her two dogs.