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The Martin Currie Australia Sustainable Equity strategy invests in a portfolio of ASX-listed securities that we have assessed using a proprietary approach for understanding sustainability and financial attributes.

The Martin Currie Australia Sustainable Equity strategy invests in companies that have been assessed using Martin Currie Australia's proprietary Active Ownership approach and ratings framework to have more favourable Sustainability assessments for “Sustainability Risk”, “Net Benefits” & “Sustainability Pathway”, and “Shadow Carbon Cost”. This approach is premised on our philosophy that companies with these characteristics should prove to be more successful financially over time.

Our strategy is deliberately designed to focus on a company's overarching net benefit based on our assessment of the material benefits and risks that may exist, rather than applying a wide array of negative screens. This is because we believe in the importance of being active investors.

The development of the Sustainable Equity strategy was a natural extension of Martin Currie Australia's investment philosophy. Sustainability inputs and assessments have been embedded directly into our investment process since 2009, the year we became signatories to the PRI.

Portfolio construction for Martin Currie Australia Sustainable Equity strategy facilitates the tilting of the portfolio towards companies that we have assessed to have more favourable proprietary Sustainability characteristics and Shadow Carbon Cost assessments, while maximising expected returns using our multi-lensed proprietary research. We believe that this broad perspective of security expected return drivers leads to higher alpha generation.

We believe that there are few peer strategies available in the market that address the assessment of both sustainability and financial attributes in the way that the Martin Currie Australia Sustainable Equity strategy can.

Key Information

To provide an after-fee return in excess of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over rolling three-year periods.

Portfolio characteristics Australia Sustainable Equity
Objective Long-Term Growth
Asset Class Equities
Style Value
Investable Universe Australian listed securities
Benchmark S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
Market capitalisation All cap
Country limit N/A
Sector limit Benchmark +/- 11%
Security limit Benchmark +/- 6%
Number of stocks Typically 40
Portfolio turnover Typically 30% p.a.
Forecast tracking error Typically ~3% p.a. (ex-ante)
Inception  18 May 2020

  • "We believe that Financial returns and ESG factors are fundamentally intertwined, and that it is possible to generate both healthier outcomes for stakeholders and long-term investment returns."

Why Invest in Australia Sustainable Equity

Healthier outcomes for stakeholders and long-term investment returns

By investing in a portfolio of ASX-listed securities that we have assessed to have favourable proprietary Sustainability characteristics, we aim to create long-term value for investors and generate healthier outcomes for all stakeholders - such as employees, communities, customers and the broader society


Encouraging transparency and positive change

To achieve the greatest impact, we are strong believers that Active Ownership should not be outsourced. Engagement and proxy voting is undertaken by those who know the companies best – our experienced team of research analysts and portfolio managers


Focus on pathway not history

By not placing undue precedence on a company’s past activities, we can focus on companies who are providing a net benefit to society or are on a pathway toward a more resilient future for sustainability and investment returns

Investment Team

The Sustainable Equity strategy is co-managed by Portfolio Managers Will Baylis and Naomi Bant

The strategy benefits from the close collaboration and deep industry expertise of wider Martin Currie Australia investment team and the broader Martin Currie global investment floor.

Will Baylis

Will Baylis

Job title
Portfolio Manager
Naomi Bant

Naomi Bant, CFA

Job title
Portfolio Manager & Quantitative Research

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