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VIDEO: Pathway to 2030 Forum: Net Zero in the Real World

Watch investors, sustainability experts and leading ASX-listed companies explore the real investment implications from the transition towards Net Zero.

Date published
31 Oct 2023

Net Zero in the Real World: The implications for Australian companies, investors and regulators

Hosted by Martin Currie and Franklin Templeton, the Pathway to 2030 Forum was held on 10 October 2023 in Melbourne.

The panel, moderated by Will Baylis, Portfolio Manager for Sustainable Equities at Martin Currie, brought together investors, sustainability experts and leading ASX-listed companies who are at different stages in their energy transition and emissions reduction pathway.


Over the course of 90 minutes, the expert panel discussed how Australia and Australian companies are not short of ambition, skill or technology, but in order to improve the pace of energy transition pipeline fulfilment, we need to think differently about how to get capital flowing.

The panel offered their perspective on the critical elements to achieve this, including the use of transition fuels and carbon offsets, improved collaboration, a shift away from the traditional way of delivering infrastructure projects, and a focus on community and social licence to operate.

To bring this to life for investors, the Martin Currie Australia team also shared how we seek out companies that are thriving or failing on the Net Zero transition, and how we can apply our research and engagements with companies in our investment strategies.

Watch a full recording of the panel session above, and use the nagivation to jump to the relevant section or question.