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Latest insights and news concerning the Martin Currie Global Long-Term Unconstrained strategy

View [Long-Term Mega Trends] Long-Term Mega Trends

Long-Term Mega Trends

We have identified three Mega Trends - Demographic Change, Future of Technology and Resource Scarcity - that are going to be driving market dynamics in various segments on a multi-decades time frame.

24 October 2019
View [GLTU Year-to-date review and outlook] GLTU Year-to-date Outlook

GLTU Year-to-date review and outlook

As we move into the latter part of 2019, we review the year so far against our previous expectations and look ahead to what else is in store.

16 September 2019
View [Investing in the electric vehicle ecosystem] EVAbstract1

Investing in the electric vehicle ecosystem

The market for electric vehicles (EV) is growing, driven by tougher regulation and increased consumer demand. We are looking at all areas of the value chain for the EV investment opportunities.

18 June 2019
View [Finding multi-decade corporate growth] Finding multi-decade corporate growth

Finding multi-decade corporate growth

The Global Long-Term Unconstrained strategy has a long-term investment horizon, identifying investment opportunities that can offer multi-decade returns.

14 June 2019
View [Long-Term Unconstrained Outlook 2019] GLTU Outlook 2019

Long-Term Unconstrained Outlook 2019

Zehrid Osmani, Head of Long-Term Unconstrained gives his views on the major themes he will be focusing on in 2019.

Video 6 December 2018
View [Martin Currie achieves top ESG rating for second year in a row] PRI A+ award 2018

Martin Currie achieves top ESG rating for second year in a row

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) assess responsible investment activities across the industry each year. Their review of 2017 has been published and Martin Currie has achieved A+ ratings for its responsible investment activities.

Press release 26 July 2018