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If you or someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, Maggie’s can help.

Maggie’s Centres are on hospital grounds, warm, welcoming places where people can meet others who are experiencing the same things they are, find support groups specific to their needs and get advice and information from our professional staff.

Coming to Maggie’s can help people to make positive changes to their lifestyle. Our psychological and emotional support has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety and depression.

You don’t need an appointment and all our support is free.


Maggie’s is a charity funded entirely by the kindness of people like you. Anything you can do to help us, big or small, is important. Here’s how your money helps:

  • £100 pays for a two hour Managing Stress session for up to 10 people, exploring ways to relax and find calmness in day to day life when dealing with the challenges of cancer
  • £140 supports our exercise classes to help build and maintain strength and confidence while living with cancer
  • £170 allows us to provide ongoing bereavement support by a professional to those who are recently bereaved as they start to rebuild their lives
  • £300 pays for a Cancer Support Specialist for a entire day so that they can provide immediate advice and support to up to 100 Centre visitors
  • £2,400 is enough to keep a Centre open for a day and allows us to provide all of the above support to people with cancer