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Growth strategies

Identifying and investing in high-quality, sustainable business models to generate positive long-term outcomes for our clients.

Latest insights

  • Mel Bucher

    Tim Baker, CFA

    Tim Baker joined Martin Currie in 2022. As an Associate Client Portfolio Manager he represents Martin Currie's investment capabilities in the UK retail channel. He is responsible for delivering market and strategy insights to clients and prospects. Before Tim joined Martin Currie, he previously worked for Franklin Templeton and its predecessor organisation Legg Mason, where he was principally responsible for UK retail business development. Tim is a CFA charter holder and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Portsmouth. He is also an MBA student at the University of Liverpool.

    Date published
    1 Dec 2023
  • Emerging Markets - Where's the 'Beef'

    Where’s the Beef? It’s Emerging Markets Earnings….

    Back in the 80s, an American fast food chain made the memorable slogan, “Where’s the beef?” to imply that its competitors were not providing enough substance – in this case - beef! In this update on the Emerging Markets (EM) we take some time to lay out why we believe EM is a compelling asset class story. The question we get most often is “what’s the catalyst that’s going to drive EM forward?”

    Date published
    6 Jul 2023
    Global Emerging Markets
  • European Long-Term Unconstrained

    Alpha generation - Investing in Europe’s strongest companies.

    Date published
    20 Jun 2023